Allows you to keep all your passwords in one place under protection
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This is a program that allows you to keep all your passwords in one place under the protection of a master password. The program comes in two types of packages: besides the standard edition, a portable one is also available.

The first thing you need to do is create a new file in which the notes and passwords will be stored, or if you already have one, all you need to do is open it. If you choose to create a new file, a location needs to be chosen, a file name and a master password, for which the strength will be shown, and the time required for hacking it using the brute-force method. Then you can create notes, in which you can store web services, ftp accounts, credit card information, usernames and passwords, tags, and events, using the available templates. If necessary, a secure password can be generated, or your passwords strength can be evaluated. Notes can be exported to a .txt file, deleted, and restored.

The program also uploads a daily backup onto a Paranotic backup server using an SSL connection, and it has a built-in calculator.

Andrei Panainte
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  • Lock button (minimizes the program to the tray, requiring a password to reopen it)


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